The Story of Asbury

Asbury has been a presence in the southeast part of Houston for many years. It began in 1944 on Pasadena Blvd, and in 1959 the church relocated to Strawberry Rd.

In 2004 the latest chapter in Asbury’s story began at our current location – 5354 Space Center Blvd. God has called us out to this place so that His love – the love you feel whenever you step in the door – would be available to the growing community that covers Pasadena, Clear Lake, and Deer Park.

As a United Methodist Church we are connected to a worldwide network of churches that work together to change the lives of people across the globe.

We are a diverse congregation open to all people. Our members say they feel a part of a warm and sincere family, whether they're single, a couple, a single parent family, or a large family, young or old.