Meet Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike Lindstrom

God has called me to help others get connected to Jesus in a real way and helping others find the power and love of God. In 2006, I was called to serve Asbury United Methodist as the Pastor. I found Asbury to be the right place for me and my family, and my hope is to help others find that for themselves.

Having had an accounting career prior to being a pastor, I know what it’s like to work in the corporate world and face the challenge of raising a family. My goal on Sunday mornings is to give people something they can take with them the rest of the week as they face those same kinds of challenges.

My greatest joy is when I see people getting connected to God in a real and personal way – when people discover that God loves them and wants to be close to them, their life is changed. When people come to Asbury and find the joy and peace and hope only God can give them, I thank God I get to be around when it happens.

The only thing better than being part of this church is being a part of my family. My wife Jan has such a strong faith and a willingness to do whatever it takes to show God’s love. I am greatly blessed to be her husband. We have two children who have also taken hold of their own Christian faith in a way that makes me wish I had such faith. Andrew and Rebecca are truly God’s great gifts to us.